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Game Time Books

Game Time Books

We make the newest breed of Choose-Your-Own-Adventure books for all-ages. Our books span genres, time, space, category, and sometimes gravity. New titles are released monthly. Our books are kid-tested, family-friendly, easy-to-read, and fun for all. Spread the word! 


Level Up Adventure Series

What is LEVEL UP?

Level Up Adventures is a first step in bringing the "game" aspect to our "Choose the Adventure" line of Game Time Books to reality. Not only do these stories give alternate 'paths' to change up the story as you read, but choosing different paths also offers the incentive to "Level Up" to better endings based on a ranking system. This makes reading fun by offering extra rewards to engage readers to reach the full potential of each story—fully exploring each book. 

Currently, the Level Up Adventure Series comes in three lines. For older elementary and middle school readers, we offer our Mystery Series (currently starring Patty Pemberton), and our Classic Stories line. For youth readers and anyone who loves interactive fiction, comic books and graphics novels (all ages!), we offer the UBU (You Be You) experience.

Game Time Books 
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